Thursday, 7 July 2016

Special Edition year 6 Transition Baraza Blog

At the end of our very successful transition day on 6th July our new year 7s had their very first experience of Baraza. We asked them to feedback about what went well and areas for improvement for next year's transition. We were extremely impressed with the maturity of the responses, how positive they were and the sheer number of students who wanted to speak up in front of 120 other students and their teachers!

Here's what they said:

What went well:

- I enjoyed science because I enjoyed blowing up bubbles and learning how to do experiments
- I really enjoyed the team building activities
- I enjoyed the whole day- everyone really made me feel welcome
- the teachers and the students were really friendly
- I really enjoyed the History lesson
- I liked the 'Welcome' mural that the Arts & Crafts club had made for us

Even better if: 

- we could have some more team building and different types as well

As you can see the responses were very positive!

We then asked the new year 7s what they are most looking forward to about starting at Finham Park 2. This is what they said:

- OOSHL (out of school hours learning)
- Everything!
- the new building
- Product Design, PE, Art, Music, Rugby, Tennis, Science (experiments), (girls) football
- wearing the new uniform- "it's really smart"
- trips
- representing the school in teams and as a student leader
- getting stickers and badges
- starting school- "can we start tomorrow?"

Roll on September! A huge thank you to Mrs Brake and Mrs Rose for organising the day and all the staff for their dedication and hard work.

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