Sunday, 17 July 2016

Last Baraza Blog of 2015-16 Academic Year -15th July 2016

What went well (WWW) and EBI (Even Better if)....

This week was meant to be a review of the year, however, as so often happens in Baraza, the students took it to where they wanted it to go!

Q: Can we have a bigger space for drama next year and have  more drama lessons?
A: We will have a large dedicated drama room and will also have other large spaces for performances. Regarding drama lessons, year 8 have 1/2 period less of drama next year but it can still be chosen as an option from the enrichment menu. there will also be drama club on offer.

Q: Will we have space for our bags at Leigh Court?
A: Lockers are a popular question for Baraza! We will have about 100 lockers and they will be distributed on a first come first served basis. We will hopefully be able to sort these out in the first half term.

Q: We have really enjoyed doing projects and particularly projects related to trips e.g. The Castles Project. Could we do more of that next year?

A: Yes - teachers were asked to investigate this for next year

Q: Will the building have blocks like at Finham Park?
A: No, there will be Leigh Court which is the main building and The Sports Hall. Hopefully if we have an opportunity to develop our other building- Edward's Keep- that will also keep its name. 

Q: Can we have some double lessons next year, for example for food?
A: We won't be able to next year, but we can explore this for future years.

Once again there were still lots of hands up, so we asked the students to feed their comments back to their mentors. A reminder that we will also have Baraza Boxes in mentor rooms next year for students to drop items they would like to raise for Baraza.

Also we gave out a lot of certificates and badges...more to come at the end of term!

Finally, on behalf of everyone at Finham Park 2, we hope you have enjoyed reading our Baraza Blog and hope you will be back to read more next year. In the meantime have a great summer!

End of Term Arrangements

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