Sunday, 5 June 2016

Baraza Blog 27th May 2016

Open Baraza

Today there were lots more excellent discussions and questions about OOSHL alongside other interesting ideas. 

Q: Can we have more music clubs next year?
A: Yes- we will speak to the Music Service when we next meet them

Q: Can we have revision clubs?
A: Yes, teachers in different subjects will offer these when tests or exams are due

Q: Can we have suggestions boxes?
A: We plan to have 'Baraza Boxes' next year to ensure everyone has 'a voice'

Q: Will mentor time be shorter next year? 
Q: Can mentor time be longer?
A: We are not currently planning to change the length of mentor time

Q: Can we have more sports OOSHL e.g. football and gymnastics?
A: Yes we can- we will ask PE to provide this
finham_blazer1Q: Can we use cash in the Refectory next year?
A: No, Finham Park 2 is a 'cashless school' the same as Finham Park

Q: Can we leave our blazers at home?
A: No, the blazer is an important part of our uniform. If the weather is ever extremely hot we will make a decision about school uniform and let students and parents know

Q: Can we have OOSHL in the morning as well?
A: Yes in certain subjects- we will advertise early in September.

Q: Can we have a longer break and lunchtime?
A: Only if we extend the school day further, but we have no plans to do this at the moment.

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