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Baraza Blog 10th June 2016

Baraza with special guest Friends of Finham 2!

Friends of Finham Park 2 (FOF2) , our school PTA introduced us to the idea of 'Grow a Pound'. The idea is for students to donate £1 of their own money, invest it and make more money. In total over £604 was raised in 3 weeks with a large number of students getting involved. It was a great idea with excellent whole-school results.

Mrs Wallace and Mrs Borrell from FOF2 came in to listen to students ideas on how to spend the money on things that would benefit their education. 

Some of the ideas from the students were good but would cost thousands/ millions rather than hundreds- great to have big ideas but we've kept the ideas on this blog to ones that could be considered by FOF2.

Also awards were given out to the biggest fund raisers and anyone who took part will receive a 'goody bag' at the end of term. Finally as the students had so many good ideas we ran out of time, so we have asked the students to let mentors know of any further suggestions for the money.

Here are some of the ideas (mentioned in the Baraza and at other points during Baraza day!):

  • to pay for or support trips
  • to go towards more lockers
  • to purchase good quality headphones for ICT or other lessons
  • to buy science lab coats or food technology chef's whites
  • to purchase additional ICT for the library
  • to save for another canopy for students to have outside if it rains
  • to purchase USB sticks for all students to save their work on
  • to make sure we have enough musical instruments e.g. guitars, drums etc
  • to buy a class set of ukuleles
  • to buy more books for the library

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