Sunday, 12 June 2016

Baraza Blog 10th June 2016

You said, we did....

Today's Baraza was a review of the main points students have made over the past term and what the school has done about it!

You said
We did
New building:
Can we make a video of the new building to show the next year 7?
Can we find out more about the new building?

Student ambassadors are planning the video now
Our last Baraza was an assembly on the new building and visits are taking place over the next few weeks
Can we have more project homework/ takeaway homework/ creative homework?
Can we have more than 1 day to complete hwk?

Yes- this has been shared with staff and should be happening now
Yes- see above
School code:
Can we have positive postcards sent home?

Can we have more praise awards?

Can we have a college badge

These will available for each subject to send home from September
The diamond badges have been distributed. We are now waiting for the World Class badges to be produced.
These have been designed and are now available to buy for £2 from the office
Mentor time:
More regular equipment checks?
More show and tell? More Maths quizzes? Weekly challenge? End of term activities?
Can we celebrate birthdays?
Can we have more mentor competitions?

Can we have end of term activities in mentor time?
Can we have mentor  trips?

This should now be happening
This has been shared with mentors and at least some of these should be happening
Mr Hartshorn has been looking into this…
Mentor board competition took place before February half term; inter-college dodgeball competition took place amongst others
Yes- teambuilding and cinema!
Trips to Leigh Court will be taking place over the next few weeks
Can we have more information for lessons on Frog?

Teachers are currently working on this and will be in place for September.
Can we have metal cutlery again- it has run out!
Can the laptops be sped up?

Can we have student leadership badges?
If we don’t get chance to ask a question in Baraza can we have Baraza Boxes?

This was replaced within 3 days of the request!
The week after the request the IT team came over to T block and speeded up the laptops. However now all laptops have Windows 10 on so this process needs to take place again!
These have arrived and distributed.
These will be ordered for mentor rooms for next year.
Can we go on a year 8 residential?

Can we do more charity work?

Can we have a running club (and other sports)?
Photography club?
Drama club?
More music and drama?
Can we choose our enrichment next year?
Can we have a summer FP2’s got talent?

Mrs Brake is currently investigating/planning for this.
Today is Route to Rio; we have recently had ‘grow a £1’; and Maya is raising money for a scoliosis charity.

These will be planned for next year now.

Yes and OOSHL via Google forms.
Yes- this will take place on the 18th July

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