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Baraza Blog 13th May 2016

Teaching and Learning

Students had lots to say about their learning in today's Baraza- unfortunately we didn't manage to get to everyone, but asked if mentors could pick these questions up and feedback next time.

Also we still fail to be amazed by the number of students that want to share their thoughts with all the staff and the whole of the school- it's brilliant!!

Q: Can we have more drama in lessons?
A: Even though lots of students enjoy drama at Finham Park 2- it's not for everyone so we try to balance the activities throughout all lessons. However, we do have a number of staff who are experienced drama teachers so this could be a possibility if students enjoy it.

Q: Can we have all tables in classrooms set out in groups?
A: Mr Plester explained that different teachers and students prefer different classroom layouts. Also different activities require a change in table layouts. What we currently have is a variety based on sound educational research so we will continue with this for the time being.

Q: Have the student leadership badges arrived?
A: Yes and once students have passed their Student Leader Apprenticeship they will be awarded (we are hoping by half term at the latest)

Q: Can we do a variety of activities in Geography?
A: There is already a variety of activities which have led to excellent progress being made. However, we will look at this to see what else can be done.

Q: Can we have more ICT?
A: In year 7 & 8 there is a set amount of ICT/ computing. However, our new Computing teacher is keen to offer other opportunities to experience computing.

Q: Can we have more history?
A: Possibly in enrichment next year along with other subjects.

 Thank you to Monika for minuting.

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