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Baraza Blog 23rd April 2016

OOSHL and Enrichment Feedback

This week students were asked to give feedback about their Out of School Hours Learning (OOSHL) and Enrichment Programme and especially looking forward to help with planning for next year. Here's what they said (I have written their question followed by the answers from staff in italics):

Could we.....
  • have a girls' rugby team? Yes
  • have more than one Arts & Crafts session each week? this will be possible next year with our new art teacher
  • only attend 2 OOSHL sessions? 3 sessions are compulsory and will be next year though the days may be different e.g. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
  • have a swimming club? yes, next year
  • speed up the laptops in homework club? the IT technicians will be checking the laptops again over the next few weeks so this should improve.
  • some more rounders tournamets? yes- we are planning this at the moment
  • have more sports available for OOSHL? yes- let us know which ones you're most interested in
  • more drama OOSHL activities? yes- we have a few new teachers that will be involved in drama next year
  • have a skateboarding OOSHL? we would need to look into this with regard to health and safety and supervision, but it sounds like a great idea
  • have a gymnastics club? yes
  • have a badminton team? yes
  • have a cooking/ drama/ history/ gymnastics enrichment? yes, next year
  • stay longer than 4pm next year? more than likely depending on the activity or how long the library is open for.
Wow! Such a lot of brilliant questions and suggestions. this Baraza not only shows how engaged students are with the OOSHL and Enrichment Programme but also with school in general! What a wonderful group of students.

Thank you again to Monika for minuting.

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