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Baraza Blog 16th April 2016

Open Baraza

After a long Easter holiday we thought the students may have been a little sleepy this week- how wrong we were! Once again our 20 minute Baraza wasn't long enough to take on board all the great ideas from our students..... though we covered most. 
It was also an eye-opener for two new students who have never seen anything like the Finham Baraza- they said that even though they were not quite confident enough to make an input this week they will in future.

Finally we had a visit this week from the SSAT (the School, Students and Teachers Network) to of which we are members. They were so interested in our Baraza that Mr Plester and Mr Bailie will be writing an article for their termly magazine that goes out to hundreds of schools around the country. 

So, what did the students have to say this week?

Q: Can we do swimming in PE next year?
A: (Mr Hudson- PE teacher)- we have no plans to do swimming in PE next year but we will look at that for future years. However, we are looking at offering swimming in OOSHL next year.

Q: Can we have double lessons?
A: This question has been asked a number of times. However, for some lessons double lessons are great - usually the more practical lessons, but not always for more academic or classroom based lessons. We will look at the timetable to see what will work best for all of the students' learning.

Q: The metal cutlery has run out in the canteen- can we have it back please?
A: Mr Plester will contact the Restaurant staff today to ask them to have metal cutlery.

Q: English and maths have a lot of their learning materials and resources on Frog- can all subject areas have this please?
A: Yes! All subject areas will have Frog pages up and populated with useful resources for parents and students - more is being added daily. Mr Plester asked Nikisha to bring this up again in future Baraza to keep reminding us!

Q: Can we choose our enrichment again next year?
A: Yes- students will be able to choose both their enrichment and OOSHL activities via Google Docs for next year

Q: Can we have our own FP2 PE kit?
A: PE are discussing this at the moment and PE staff will be involving students and student leaders- watch this space!

Q: Can we do more group revision?
A: Before the year 7 exams there will be some work in mentor time about how to revise so we will share top tips and give opportunities for students to revise in a variety of ways.

As you can see there were lots of great questions about a great number of areas. Thank you again to our students for their input (in front of the rest of the school takes some doing!) and to Monika for minuting (thank you Rhia for training her!)/

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