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Baraza Blog 4th March 2016

Humanities feedback (and other suggestions!)

Humanities feedback
Q: Can we have more creative lessons in all humanities subjects? Also more videos in RE?
A: We already do a lot of creative learning and will aim to do more particularly in RE (although there are already quite a few video clips used in RE lessons)

Q:Can we use drama more in humanities?
A: We are already planning to do that. Our new RE teacher is also trained in drama and is skilled at suing drama in lessons.

Q: Can we mark more of our own work?
A: Yes- you will do some self and peer assessment already which we hope you find useful. However, some marking has to be done by the teacher so they know which areas students need to improve on. 
Comment from student: marking with the GCSE grades is really useful

Q: Can teachers use lollipop sticks to choose who to answer questions?
A: Yes!

Q: Can we 'polish' our books more regularly?
A: Yes!

Other comments

Q: When can we visit our new school building? 
A: The school newspaper will visit first, followed by some mathematicians to do some work with the builders. After Easter we will arrange mentor group visits.

Q: Can students dress up for World Book Day next year?
A: Yes!

Q: Can we have double PE lessons?
A: This will depend on the timetable

Q: Can we decorate our books?
A: Ask you teachers, but as long as they are neat, tidy with no graffiti- that should be fine

Q: Can we get involved in the Coventry Half Marathon next year?
A: Not the full one due to your age, but we can get involved in the shorter one.

Q: Can we have food during OOSHL
A: Mr Plester will think about that and let students know

Once again, students making great suggestions right up to the bell for lessons! Thank you again to Rhia for minuting.

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