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Baraza Blog 18th March 2016

PE, Art, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) & Drama feedback & suggestions

Students said:

  • They liked the different types of homework given in these subjects
  • They like playing 'games' as part of the lesson as it "helps us learn"
  • They enjoy working in groups
  • They thought the vocabulary sheets in MFL were useful

Q: Can we do more group work and active learning in lessons? Can we have more creative lessons in MFL.
A: Yes, where it is most useful to learning and appropriate to the topic

Q: Can we go on a residential trip?
A: We will look at organising a residential for year 8

Q: Can we do more charity work?
A: We have already got involved in a lot of charity work this year including today's Sports Relief. However, yes of course we can do more!

Q: In PE can we do more running and possibly have a running OOSHL club?
A: Mr Hudson & Mrs Coltman will look to see if this should be a stand alone club or as part of an athletics club. It may be that we have running club OOSHL in the morning?
Q: Can we have a photography club? Possibly as a lunchtime club?
A: We have just appointed an excellent new art/ photography teacher who we will ask  to start an OOSHL Photography Club next year.
Q: Can we have a drama club in the mornings?
A: There may not be enough time in the mornings, but there is already one after school if students would like to join.

Q: Can we ave more inter-college cross country events?
A: Yes we can!

Despite asking the students for more feedback about their lessons in the above areas, the students feedback was all very positive and they wanted to add even more ideas to extra-curricular activities. 

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