Friday, 5 February 2016

Baraza Blog 5th February 2016

Homework & Marking

Today's Baraza we asked students about what they found the most useful and enjoyable homework (nobody said "no homework"!). Students were also appreciative that they had the opportunity to do homework in school at 'homework club'.

Q: Can we have more project homeworks- we have enjoyed doing the castle and restaurant projects?
A: Projects are a great way to learn about a subject in depth, however we don't like students to be doing too many at the same time. They can be very time- consuming and students that are not good at manage time can leave them to the last minute which can be stressful both for students and parents! Also homework is usually more effective if there is a variety of tasks for students to do e.g. the 'take-away' homeworks.

Students in after-school homework club
Q: Can homework be handed in the following week?
A: Homework should not be set for the following day as it doesn't give students time to complete it. Usually teachers will give you at least 2 days to complete your homework and sometimes a week.

Q: Is there a way that targets from marking can be written all in one place so that we can see how we are making progress?
A: Some subjects already do this and students seem to find it helpful. However, some students prefer to see their targets after a piece of work so it makes sense more, i.e. it is in context. We can revisit this with staff during the year.

Q: Can we have more creative homeworks? Students were asked for a show of hands to see who likes doing creative homeworks and the majority said they did.
A: All staff in the Baraza saw this and during the year would look at setting some more creative homeworks. However, it was made clear that, as with projects, these can take a long time, but can be  good at learning more in depth about a subject.

Q: Can we mark our homework?
A: Sometimes you will be able to, sometimes the teacher needs to to assess your understanding.

Once again some great ideas and suggestions. Krishan was given a headteacher's sticker for contributing to every Baraza this year. Thanks again to Ria for minuting.

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