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Baraza Blog 26th February 2016

You Said, We did

Today's Baraza was a review of the main points students have made over the past term and what the school has done about it!

You said
We did
New building:
Can we make a video of the new building to show the next year 7?
Can we find out more about the new building?

Media student leaders could start planning that now!
Our last Baraza was an assembly on the new building
Can we have more project homework/ takeaway homework/ creative homework?
Can we have more than 1 day to complete hwk?

Yes- this has been shared with staff and should be happening
Yes- see above
School code:
Can we have positive postcards sent home?
Can we have more praise awards?
Can we have a college badge

These should now be available for each subject to send home
The diamond badges have been ordered
These have been designed and are available to buy for £2 from the office
Mentor time:
More regular equipment checks?
More show and tell? More Maths quizzes? Weekly challenge? End of term activities?
Can we celebrate birthdays?
Can we have more mentor competitions?

Can we have end of term activities in mentor time?
Can we have mentor rewards trips?

This should now be happening
This has been shared with mentors and at least some of these should be happening
Mr Hartshorn has been looking into this…
Mentor board competition took place before February half term; inter-college dodgeball competition is taking place next week
Yes- to be arranged
Any being planned yet?

After You said We did we continued with a normal Open Baraza. the students made the following contributions:

Q: Can we have double lessons. 
A: These can work well in PE, science and technology, particularly when doing practical work. It will depend upon next year's timetable, but we can look at it.

Q: Can we have more games on the computers? 
A: No, because they are for learning and not for playing games. However, in a previous Baraza we did agree that educational games can be added to Frog. This is in progress.

Q: Why do we need to bring 2 pairs of trainers for PE?
A: You only need outdoor footwear (with studs) and inside footwear that has a non-marking sole.

Q: The Baraza page on Frog needs updating
A: We will get that done. The most up to date version is always available on the school website.

Q: Will we have a swimming pool at the new building?
A: No, See answer from a previous Baraza on the school site.

Thank you again for excellent input from the students and great minuting from Rhia.

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