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Baraza Blog 8th January 2016- The New Building

8th January- The New Building!

Run today by our Head of Year- Mr Hartshorn

The vast majority of questions today focussed around the new school building on Torrington Avenue.

Q: Can we have a Subway for lunch?
A: This is unlikely Mr Ludgate contributed a possible baguette/salad bar may be possible

Q: Will there be a swimming pool ?
A: Unfortunately this is just too expensive to build and run. However, Mr Hudson said he is establishing links with a nearby pool and will have more information prior to next september.

Q: Will we be having 'schmoo' milkshakes next year ?
A: It is a possibility. It was proposed to have a Baraza on food for next year.

Q: Is the new building good?
A: The staff visited on Monday 4th January and were blown away by it. It will truly be a 'world class' building for its students as well as for the local community.

Q: Will we get lost?
A: We may get a little confused in the new building just like when we arrived here at Finham. However because of the shape of the building it will be quite easy to find where you need to go, for students and staff.

Q: Will we have fields?
A: We will have some fantastic sports facilities including MUGAS (multi- use games areas)  and have our own sports fields at Finham Park in much the same way King Henrys does.

Q: Could we produce a video of the new building for the parents and students for next year?
A: What a fantastic idea, something that needs following up by media student leaders.

Q: Can we have vending machines at the new school?
A: Vending machines are unlikely as we use a finger scan system which is cashless and the food that usually comes in these machines is junk food- high in sugar and fat. However, we will look at this again for 6th form.

Mr Hartshorn: Thank you for all your contributions and hard work in our first week back. I can not believe we are over one third of the way through our first year together. 

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