Saturday, 30 January 2016

Baraza Blog 29th January 2016

Mentor Time

What do students like about mentor time?
  • competitions e.g. Christmas Tree competition and currently mentor board competition
  • Doing maths games in mentor time
  • Southgate Secrets (although Southgate couldn't tell us more about it's a secret!
  • Silent reading is a calm way to start the day

What would students like to improve?
  • Q: Can equipment checks be full equipment checks t help remind us what to bring every day? A: Yes of course we can do that.
  • Q: Can we do more show and tell for students that want to? A: Yes
  • Q: Northgate has a competition for who gets the most stickers in a week- can other colleges do this? A: Yes
  • Q: Can we have more maths quizes in mentor time? A: Yes
  • Q: Can we have end of term activities in mentor time? A: Yes
  • Q: Can we have a 'challenge' every week in mentor time? A: Yes
Of course with only 3 days of mentor time every morning (Thursdays are assembly and Fridays are Baraza) there is only so much mentors can do. However, students are encouraged to speak to their mentors to discuss how and when to put any of the above suggestions in place. 

Once again some great ideas and thank you again to Ria for minuting.

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