Monday, 25 January 2016

Baraza Blog 22nd January 2016

22nd January- The School Code

The 5 rules for learning at Finham Park 2: 

1.           We respect everyone’s right to learn
2.           We listen to staff and follow instructions straight away
3.           We bring the right equipment for learning
4.           We listen to other students
5.           We respect the school environment

Feedback from the students:

Q: Could we add " keep your work to yourself"? Also can we add " treat other people the way you would want to be treated yourself"? A: The list of rules could be very long but we like to keep it to 5. Subject teachers will remind you about doing your own work during lessons.

Q: Can we work off our consequences (Cs)? A: We log consequences so we can see patterns in behaviour so no you can't work them off once they're logged. However, good behaviour goes a long way to improve matters with your teacher.

Q: Can we have chairs for Baraza? A: Very good point! Not this year as we are in the gym but next year we will be able to.

Q: Can we have good mark stamps in planners? A: We already have those: WWW stamps (what went well) and stickers. We will also get some postcards made to send home for even more positives.

Thanks to Rhia for taking the minutes. 

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