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Baraza Blog 15th January 2016- End and Start of Term

15th January- reviewing the end and start of term

What went well (WWW):
  • end of term assembly was really good and showcased some very talented performers
  • It was very positive to have lots of certificates and rewards given out
  • The Christmas Tree competition was really good fun and helped build a college team spirit
  • Having an assembly on the first day back was useful to remind us about rules and it was good to see everyone together
  • Being able to wear Christmas jumpers on the last day was fun!
End of term assembly 2015
Even better if (EBI):

Q: Can we have non-uniform days every half term
A: Not every half term as it can have a negative effect on school uniform as well as learning- currently our uniform is immaculate and everyone seems proud to be wearing it. Also some students don't like  non- uniform days and attendance can be affected. However we will look at some over the year for specific events.

Q: Because the Christmas Tree competition was so good could we do something similar at other times of the year e.g. having an inter-college Easter Egg Hunt?
Southgate's winning Christmas Tree!
A: What a good idea!! Let's do it!

- Other inter-college suggestions also were shared- rugby, football, netball etc,
Mr Hudson said he will arrange more of these over the year.

- Suggestions were also shared regarding students' birthdays:
Q: Can we come in non- uniform on our birthday
A: A nice idea but, no! (see answer for non- uniform days)- however, we discussed how we can recognise birthday's- Mr Hartshorn will look into this.

Thank you again for everyone's brilliant comments and to Aditi for minuting.

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