Sunday, 13 December 2015

Baraza Blog 4th December 2015- Subject Feedback

4th December- Subject Feedback: Maths & English

Getting feedback from our students about what we are doing well (what went well- WWW) and what we can improve on (even better if- EBI) is essential to continue to improve in our aim to be 'world class'.

Today's subject Baraza was to receive feedback about English and mathematics.

What went well (WWW):
  • learning new things in advanced ways is similar to private schools
  • we learning interesting things
  • explanations are clear in maths
  • we like being more involved in our learning
  • we can choose the tasks in maths- this includes starters
  • both subjects are challenging and we like that

Even better if (EBI):
  • Do more group work in English
  • Use more technology in lessons when appropriate
  • Try to have more active learning
  • When we struggle with a concept in maths, try to explain more simply
  • Can literacy be in the same room as English? T12
Teachers from maths and English commented that they would take this feedback on board and action it where appropriate over the next 2 terms. 

Once again - honest and useful feedback from our students.

Thanks again to Nikisha for taking the minutes.

More subject Barazas will take place next term.

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