Thursday, 3 December 2015

Baraza Blog 20th November 2015- rewards

20th November- Rewards:

1. Q:  "Can the College with the most stickers receive a trophy? " A: " We will have a college trophy and are currently in the process of arranging this. there will also be a College Points Board to show the competition in action! there will also be an award for the students with the most stickers at the end of the year."

2. Q: "What happens when you receive your platinum award? What's next?" A: "Staff at FP2 have been amazed at how students are motivated by the stickers and how many they have received already. Those students with platinum awards will help Mr Plester design a diamond and 'World Class' badge. "

3. Q: "What happens if our water bottle breaks?" A:" Please go to the school office to get a replacement. "

4. Q: " Can the college with the most stickers get a reward? " A: "We will look into having rewards trips for colleges and mentor groups."

5. Q: " Off the subject of rewards, can the T block 'playground' have a basketball pitch marked out? " A: "The playground will not be ours after July and will be used for parking. It will too costly to draw a permanent basketball court and then remove it. However, Mr Hudson suggested we draw a temporary pitch."

More great ideas and suggestions from our students.

Thanks again to Nikisha for taking the minutes.

It is worth reminding students and parents that Finham Park 2 will be part of the Finham Park 'Star Studded Celebration of Success' in Spring 2016- more opportunities to praise our wonderful students.

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