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Baraza Blog 11th December 2015- Frog

11th December- Frog:

Frog is Finham Park 2's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and is used across the Finham Park Multi-Academy Trust. Though in its infancy still at FP2, students already use it regularly to see homework, complete their learning and look at subject matter. To find out what students think of Frog so far and what needs to be improved we asked them for their feedback and ideas and to share them with Mr Tighe (Frog) & Mr Fletcher (ICT).

1. Q:  "Can we add an educational games section to Frog? " A: " Absolutely! If anyone has any ideas please pass on to Krish who will forward them to Mr Fletcher."

2. Q: "Sometimes if you hide things on your timeline and you refresh it it can disappear for ever- should this happen?" A: "No. There may be a bug in the software. Mr Tighe will contact Frog and let them know. In the mean time, don't hide anything on your timeline. "

3. Q: "COuld we have a world news feed page for everyone to access?" A:" Yes we can- this will be set up shortly. "

4. Q: " Can we set up our own web pages on Frog? " A: "Yes you could but there is only limited space and if everyone wanted a page we would run out of space. However, if anyone has an idea for a page, please discuss with Mr Fletcher."

5. Q: " Can we have a Baraza site on Frog to share the Baraza Blog and to ask questions? " A: "Yes we can- this will be set up shortly." - students noticed that this had already been set up by the end of the day!

6. Q: " Can we change our backgrounds?" A: "You can already do this on your personal site."

7. Q: "Can we have important notices on Frog e.g. about trips, news, notices etc?" A: "Yes notices can be added to Frog as well as the screen in reception. "

8. Q " Can we message each other?" A: "You can message teachers about work, but Frog is an educational VLE rather than a social medium."

The students gave Mr Tighe and Mr Fletcher a warm FP2 welcome and thanks, and both teachers were blown away at the enthusiasm, maturity and positive ideas and ethos of the the students.

Thanks again to Nikisha for taking the minutes.

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