Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Baraza Blog 6th November 2015- open discussion

6th November- Open Baraza:

Reminders to students: any late student leadership applications to be handed to Mrs Brake as soon as possible

1. Q:  "Can we have a college badge to wear on our blazers? " A: " We will cost these and see if it can be part of the rewards programme or whether students will have to buy them."

2. Q: "Could we have a badge for the current college champions" A: "We will have a college trophy and also set up a display for the current points to see who is winning overall "

3. Q: "Can we have our favourite clubs more than once a week?" A:" We will look at this in the new year. We need to ensure that our current OOSHL programme is running as smoothly as possible first"

4. Q: " Can we have a vending machine in T block? " A: "Unfortunately not: we don;t have enough space, but we may look again at this for the 6th form block."

5. Q: " When can we have a tour of the Land Registry " A: "Mr Plester will ask the people in charge to see when this is possible. However, over the next few weeks the builders are planning to have a 'student engagement' meeting to ask the students' views on how the building is shaping up!"

Once again mature and sensible ideas from our year 7s.

Thanks again to Nikisha for taking the minutes.

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