Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Baraza Blog 13th November 2015- charities

13th November- Charities Baraza:

This baraza is for students to help decide which whole- school charity we will be supporting.

Here are the students' thoughts which will be narrowed down and one chosen before Christmas:

- Cancer charities e.g. Macmillan, Marie Curie
- Myton Hospice
- Wateraid
- Ebola Charity e.g. Red Cross
- Orphan charity e.g. Orphans in Need
- Dangerous Addictions e.g. Action on Addiction
- Support for care homes and the elderly e.g. Friends of the Elderly
- Save the Children
- Supporting  hospitals e.g. Great Ormond Street
- Salvation Army
- Zoe's Place- Baby Hospice in Coventry
- Air Ambulance
- British Heart Foundation
- Poppy Appeal- The Royal British Legion
- Dementia uk
- Bethany's Wish

Is it possible for each college to choose their own charity? As the school is still small we may move to that as the school becomes larger so we can raise enough money for each charity.

This list just shows how knowledgeable and caring our year 7s are about those that are less fortunate than ourselves.

Thanks again to Nikisha for taking the minutes.

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