Sunday, 1 November 2015

23rd October- You said, we did

'You said we did' is a summary Baraza to share some of the key points the students have raised over the half term (you said) and what the school has done about them (we did)!

Here are the brief notes from the first 'You said, we did' Baraza:

You said
We did
Can we have a food club?
Can we have a girls’ rugby club?

Yes- after half term
Yes- after half term
Can the due date not be the next day?
Can we all log onto Frog?

Yes- this should now happen
This should be working now
Can we use both canteens for lunch? Can the queue be speeded up? Can we have more healthy options/ spicy food/ pasta dishes?

Lunch will move to the Tuck Inn after half term- more choice, more tills (so quicker), more space

General Baraza:
Can we have clocks in all rooms
Can we have lab coats in science

This has been done
We are still investigating this
Introduction to Baraza:
Can we have lockers?

Lockers are already being planned in to the  building for next year- but they will be limited

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