Monday, 12 October 2015

Baraza Blog 9th October 2015

9th October- Yr 6 to 7 Transition & homework:

1. Q- from Mr Plester: "What went well with transition? " A- from students: " Meeting some of the FP2 teachers before we came was good; transition day; teambuilding day; summer school."

2. Q- from Mr Plester: "How can we make it better?" A- from students: "Visit the primary schools with current FP2 students (students to visit their old schools); try to visit the Land Registry if ready before September; write to a pen pal at their old school telling them about life at FP2; invite our old teachers to FP2. "

3. Q: "Can homework not be due in for the day after it is set?" Students also asked for a wider variety of food. A:" It shouldn't be. Students should have at least 2 days to complete their homework. "

4. Q: " Can we have no homework for one week?" A: "FP2 is rare in that you actually have time to complete homework during the school day. Few of you should be taking hours of homework home....also homework is there to help you learn, not to keep you busy! Everyone should be attending homework club at least twice a week."

5. Q: " We can't all log onto Frog " A: "We will look into this and see is there are any issues.". One student suggested that the best way of getting onto Frog was through the FP2 website. 

Next week we will be discussing OOSHL!

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