Sunday, 4 October 2015

Baraza Blog 2nd October 2015

2nd October- The Canteen with guest Mrs O'Hagan :

1. Q: "Can we have Shmoo milkshakes? " A: " We will look at trialling Shmoo milkshakes in the next few weeks with FP2."

2. Q: "Can we have more spicy food on the menu?" A: "When we start planning the new menu we will look at new spicy dishes, however there is usually something spicy on the menu every day."

3. Q: "Can we have more pasta dishes?" Students also asked for a wider variety of food. A:" Again when planning the new menu this will be taken into account. "

4. Q: " Can we have music in the Fieldside Cafe" A: "Mr Plester will investigate this."

5. Q: " Could we have a fixed price buffet? " A: "Probably not this year due to space, but this could be investigated for next year at the Land Registry as the Refectory is much larger."

6. Q: "Could both canteens be used for lunch?" A: "Mrs O'Hagan and Mr Plester will meet to discuss."

7. Q: "Can the queue for lunch be speeded up?" A: "We look at different ways to do this including being able to order food in the morning."

8.Q: " Can we have more healthy options?" A: "FP2 has to follow certain nutritional guidance and so will have healthy options daily. Again, this will be fed back into our planning for the new menu."

There were several students who still had questions. Mentors were asked to discuss with their mentees and send to Mr Plester to include in the blog and send to Mrs O'Hagan.

Another week of great questions and ideas.

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