Saturday, 17 October 2015

16th October- OOSHL (out of school hours learning) with Mr Hudson:

1. Q: "Can we have a food club? " A (from Mr Hartshorn): " Yes we can. It will start after half term." 

2. Q: "Can we only attend one Homework Club?" A: Mr Hudson to check with Mrs Brake and Mr Plester". Answer from Mr Plester: "All students need to attend 2 hours of homework club every week. Currently the only slots for homework club are after school. We will look to see if students want to do homework club before school and if so,how we can put staff on to support this. Students would need to do 2 morning homework sessions for 1 sessions after school session (because they're only 1/2 hour in the morning). "

3. Q: "Can we have a girls' rugby team?" A: " Yes we can! Mr Hudson & Mrs Coltman are already trying to organise fixtures. Furthermore each College will be providing a boys and girls team for next week's inter-college rugby tournament."

4. Q: "Can OOSHL be 15 minutes longer?" A: "We will consider this next year, but due to restrictions of over 70 students having to catch the school bus at 4.15pm this is not possible this year unfortunately, except for specific situations e.g. matches or concerts etc."

5. Q: "Can we have longer football and ruby sessions?" A: The answer for the previous question was repeated

6. Q: "Can we have a computer club on different days?" A: "Mr Hudson will contact Mr Fletcher to see if this is possible this year and feed back to Baraza. "

7. Q: "Can we have a photography club?" A: Mr Hudson will find out if one is already running at Finham Park which FP2 students can join. If not he will ask if any FP2 teachers have the expertise to set our own up. "

8. Q: "Can we have no OOSHL on Fridays?" A: Mr Hudson will check with Mr Plester and Mrs Brake. Mr Plester's response: "This academic year we have committed staff and time to OOSHL every day, so this will continue to run. However, we will revisit this next year as this could be a possibility. "

9. Q: "Can we go to different clubs after we have finished our homework in homework club?" A:The original answer said that this may be possible, however after further discussions the answer is 'no'. The reasons for this are: (1) students need to commit to 2 homework sessions a week- see q2- this is part of FP2's offer to students and parents. (2) we need to know where students are whilst on site- it becomes extremely complicated and messy if students are allowed to go elsewhere. (3) Students should always have homework to complete in these sessions. Some homeworks are open ended e.g. food technology, and can be completed in those sessions. Otherwise students should bring reading books.

Thank you again to our students who continue to ask intelligent, mature, sensible and thoughtful questions that are already shaping our school. 

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