Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Baraza Blog 25th September 2015

25th September- More great ideas from FP2 students:

1. Q: "Can we have a manual gym?" A: " We currently have a fitness suite that can be used and we will have a gym in the new building next year"

2. Q: "Can we have a longer lunchtime?" A: "As it is so early on in the  year it is still taking time for the students to get through the queue. We will review this at half term. " One of the trainee teachers observing the Baraza used to attend Finham PArk and was asked to comment. He said that the queue does speed up as the year 7s get quicker at choosing food. Mr Plester will remind staff that lunch is 12.55- 1.30pm to ensure the students get the full time.

3. Q: "Can we have clocks in all of the rooms" A:" Yes, we will get this arranged." This was arranged within a day!

4. Q: " Can we have lab coats in science?" A: "We will investigate the costs of this and get back ot the students once we have them. "

As there have been quite a few comments regarding the canteen, next week's BAraza will be purely questions about the canteen. Mrs O'Hagan has been invited along and is looking forward to the questions from the students.

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