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Baraza Blog 18th September 2015


What is FP2?

Finham Park 2 is a new, exciting Secondary Academy in Coventry, part of the Finham Park Multi-Academy Trust. To find out more about our fantastic school please visit our website at : www.finhampark2.co.uk  or follow us on Twitter at @FinhamPark2 .

What is a Baraza?

‘Baraza’ is Swahili for ‘meeting’, and in Kenya it’s used to refer particularly to political meetings or councils.  This is just what Finham PArk 2’s Baraza is- it’s a meeting for all the students  in the school.  They can raise and discuss anything (except individuals) and expect an answer.
The meeting is run by the Head, Assistant Head and occasionally other staff.  Up to 120 other students attend: the whole school!  They run a structured meeting that allows everyone to have a say and ensures that there is positive feedback as well as raising of problems.  When we spoke to students at Finham Park 2 and asked them whether they would recommend this to other schools they were most enthusiastic. 

FP2 Baraza Blog - 18th September 2015

Questions and Answers
  1. Q-"Can we have lockers for our bags?". A- "As we are still on our temporary site there is not enough room for lockers this year. However, we will feed back to the developers of our permanent site and ask if they can include lockers in their plans."
  2. Q- "Can we have a Chinese charity as part of our links with China?". A-"We are still to decide which WHOLE SCHOOL charity we are going to support. Please can students feed back to mentors ASAP s we can make a decision by half term."
  3. Q-"Can we have Schmoo milk shakes?" A- "Mr Plester will ask the canteen if this is possible and feedback."
  4. Q- "Can we do an FP2 has talent?" A-"Yes as long as no animals are involved!"
  5. Q- "Can we have a school pet?" A- "This will need to be considered further when we move into our permanent building next year- more research is needed first."
  6. Q- "Can we have more spicy food in the canteen?" A- "Spicy food is available every day but as it's still new students may not have found it yet- try the pasta pots as well as the curries."
  7. Q- "Can the canteen speed up so we have longer to eat our lunch?" A- "Mr Plester will speak to the canteen about this."

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A brilliant first REAL Baraza with lots of great questions. There will be more opportunity next week for students to have their say about Finham Park 2 an even better school!

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  1. Mrs O'Hagan, Catering Manager said that currently Schmoo milkshakes are off the menu at both FP2 and Finham Park. They will be back on shortly in both canteens.